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Quotations about
Palo Verde Trees

Golden tree!
Shimmering boughs,
Yellow as sunlight,
Nod and drowse...
Branches lie,
Lambent against
The painted sky,
Meshes of green
To catch and hold
This prodigal wealth
Of desert gold.
~Ethel Jacobson, "Palo Verde," in Arizona Highways, 1973

The desert springs to life, and the sunscreenlike paloverde trees explode with a profusion of gold. ~Marshall Trimble, Arizona: A Panoramic History of a Frontier State, 1977  [a little altered –tg]

A palo verde
      is sunlit laughter
      when Spring walks
      desert ways...
~Lorraine Babbitt, "Tree Portraits," in Arizona Highways, 1961

The valde-verde tree, with its mockery of leafless branches, is not an object of delight. ~Richard J. Hinton, "Over Valley and Mesa," The Hand-Book to Arizona, 1877

What is this bright confetti that litters the desert floor?
Why, it's sequins from the spangled gown a Palo Verde wore!
Poor yellow Cinderella, so gay at the Springtime ball,
Then the wind-swept stroke of Summer left her no gown at all!
~Florence Priest, "Stripteuse," in Arizona Highways, March 1951

In late April and early May, nature turns on her magic charm and turns the sunwashed desert into a vast garden. The spreading boughs of the blue palo verde trees fringing the desert washes hide under veils of delicate golden blossoms, completely obscuring their bluish-green stems and leafless branches. ~Raymond Carlson and Claire Meyer Proctor, "Our Adventures In The Land Of The Flowering Cactus," Arizona Highways, February 1965,

Like to Lillith's hair down-streaming, soft and shining, glorious, golden,
Sways the queenly palo verde robed and wreathed in golden flowers;
And the spirits of dead lovers might have joy again together
Where the honey-sweet acacia weaves its shadow-fretted bowers.
~Sharlot Mabridth Hall (1870–1943), "Spring in the Desert," Cactus and Pine: Songs of the Southwest, 1910

~Terri Guillemets, "Poem of the April Palo Verde," 2012

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