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2010 August 5th

"Your heart knows..."

And the winner is... Sue!

Your heart knows your song, but you have to be willing to listen to the words. ~Sue Rock, @sue215

Honorable Mentions

Your heart knows to bring joy to others, your head knows to bring joy to yourself. Think with your heart. ~Elliot Porter, @Socialist5

Your heart knows you, even if you don't yet know your heart. ~Luke Austen, @lukeausten

Your heart knows not how to lie. It is great that it lays deep in your chest and not in your mouth. ~Kak Sri, @SriIsmail4

Your heart knows best. Your brain knows how to get you there. ~CJ Reed, @cjreed2112

Your heart knows no pain too large to love again. ~Ali Taylor, @lovemylayla

Your heart knows when to love, laugh, learn, and live. Are you listening? ~Kipp Smith, @kippsmith

Your heart knows that sometimes it's okay to be a complete idiot. ~Kelly Johnson, @KellyMichele29

Your heart knows the truth your head is seeking. ~Ileana, @missilly

Your heart knows that it must keep beating even when it's broken. ~Mercy, @mukoya262

Your heart knows no boundaries for love except those you create for yourself. ~James Green, @BigJimDanoon

Your brain knows you can do anything for your dreams, your heart knows you will do anything for your dreams. ~Chris Sims, @ChrisSims22

Your heart knows when to flutter, when it does I begin to stutter. ~Eku Edewor, @Eku__53Xtra

Your heart knows things better than your head, but she'll wait for you to listen to her. That's what makes her so special. ~Sander Nijhuis, @s_nijhuis

Your heart knows when it is finally home. It's reason that takes a while to catch up. ~Ghost Helwig, @GhostHelwig

Your heart knows the pitter patter of your thoughts. ~Gunda, @godutch

Your heart knows no boundaries to feelings. It is like your best friend or your best diary. ~Kak Sri, @SriIsmail4

Your heart knows when it's ready for a change, listen to it or else it'll kill you. ~Scout Brighley, @Iknowmee

Your heart knows all, pay it more attention. ~Sina G., @just_sina_

Your heart knows how strong it truly is — how strong you truly are — and that nothing can ever really break it apart. ~Cassandra Martin, @casmartin

Your heart knows the way. Lead your head to follow accordingly. ~Michael Cunningham, @mjcpitt

Your heart knows true love when it finds it, our job is to look until it finds us. ~John Sarasien, @shadowbat2034

Your heart knows what your eyes don't remember seeing. ~Corinne, @Corinne125

Your heart knows its most pure desires, but we seldom allow the heart to overrule our brain. ~Sasha Csatari, @csatari

Your heart knows the truth... listen to it and follow through. ~Esther, @no1jgirl

Your heart knows what the mind does not always wish to see. ~Tyler McCall, @TakingBackTyler

Your heart knows better than your mind, but whether you made the right decision, it's all up to yourself at the end. ~Kaylcia, @munchkinXY

Your heart knows what experience can't always teach you. ~Brazilican, @anajacob

Your heart knows all the answers, it is just a matter of passing the message on to your brain. Overthinking, the downfall of man. ~Tanya Gabriella Astley, @TanyaAstley

Your heart knows the way to all the dreams you never thought would come true, and your heart never loses faith in those dreams. ~Julianna Persons, @jp_thatsMe

Your heart knows which path leads to joy and your mind keeps you on the right track. ~J Beard, @promoterofpeace

Your heart knows the answer your mind has been searching for. ~Katherine Hiraldo, @KHiraLine

Your heart knows that you are better than this... ~Maurisa C, @therealrisirose

Your heart knows which path to take, your mind can only guess! ~Nathan Blackburn, @natb93

Your heart knows when it is home. ~Stacey Hall, @ChiToBe_Oils

Only your heart knows to cry without sobbing, talk without speaking, and love without possessing. ~Shiva Kakkar, @shivakakkar

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published 2010 Aug 7
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